Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TV Catch-Up: How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, and The Office

How I Met Your Mother

Tonight's How I Met Your Mother addressed a common debate among New Yorkers: where can you find the best New York burger? I would love to hear the real-life inspiration for the burger that puts Corner Bistro to shame. Having still not been to Corner Bistro or Burger Joint, my pick is Shake Shack (picture above). Drop a comment to proclaim your fave New York burger, and we'll see if we can get a poll going.

As for how the episode fared beyond making me hungry: Regis Philbin was a good sport to play an angrier version of himself, although the Million Dollar Coin Toss game show joke felt a bit dated. Barney's shilling for the fictional bank his company bought (oddly appropriate given the Wall Street situation) was eh, but any excuse to hear Neil Patrick Harris sing is a good one (and makes me need to watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog again for the 50th time). So overall, a perfectly solid episode based on a delicious idea.


From burgers to pudding, as Rita's chocolate craving made her realize she's pregnant with Dexter's baby. It's nice to see Dexter's evolution continue after his identity crisis last season. As his relationship to dead foster dad Harry is off due to abandoning Harry's code, Dexter will have to figure out what kind of a father he can be.

Just as last season switched up the "catch a killer" formula by having that killer be Dexter, this year sees an even more drastic shift in the season-long plot. Dexter kills accidentally for the first time, leaving him emotionally confused and heading towards a friendship with Jimmy Smits' ADA, Miguel Prado, the deceased's brother. With suspicions about the dead guy's story and a drugdealer leaving bodies, there's plenty of story to last, but it's still harder to see where this season is going than the last two. Changing things up has kept the show great for two seasons already, so it's looking like this season should be just as good.

Side note: Those minor characters who looked sorta familiar but you weren't sure from what? Dexter's dentist also played Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World, the Harry to Sean's Dexter. And that kind of annoying IAB girl who looked about 16? Asian girl from 21. But as much as the new detective with a crush on Deb may have seemed like a cross between Jack's ex-son-in-law on 24 and Keamy on Lost, he is actually neither.

The Office

Hard to say anything against The Office's satisfying and hilarious season premiere. First off, yay to Jim and Pam! And just in time too, what with Mad Men's Harry cracking her up with jokes about professors. We all know laughter is the key to Pam's heart, even if it is from someone with such unconvincing hair.

Back at the office, Holly continued to prove a valuable addition, proving there may be someone right for Michael after all. Whether putting her foot in her mouth with Oscar or beatboxing to Michael's lame rap, she clearly fits into the cast perfectly. She even seems to bring out the best in Michael, as he seemed unusually restrained in this episode (outside of tearing up the Counting Crows tickets and Michael Klump. He's still Michael).

It was also a nice surprise to see Ryan back in the office, filling in for Pam after his arrest for fraud. With Michael's love still just as strong, it's almost like Ryan never left for New York.

A few other noteworthy gems:
-The photo of younger Stanley
-Holly discovering Kevin is not mentally challenged
-Andy's girly wedding plans to the uninterested Angela
-The whole office doing Michael Klump impressions
-Creed giving Kelly a "tapeworm"

No Office this week for the Vice Presidential debate, but with Sarah Palin there it's looking to be just as funny.


marboro said...

Galaxy Diner has a great burger...
What about Grey's? I'm too afraid to see for myself.

Zander said...

I'll get to Grey's eventually. It's just pretty low priority for me right now, especially since it's not even on this week.

londonland said...

I personally loved that Pam was an RA at her summer program and had to deal with a roommate conflict involving stolen soy milk.