Saturday, July 11, 2009

Technological Problems / Free Stuff to Do

Sorry for the lack of posting this week, but this time I've got an excuse: after five years of faithful service, my laptop has died. This will soon be remedied however: today I plan to go to the Apple Store and get myself a long-needed replacement. That's right, I'm going Mac. So now the question is just whether I'll be able to recover my old files. Is it weird that, after my music of course, what I'm most concerned about losing is all my little lists of movies to see and books to read?

While I'm in transition, I thought I'd let all the New Yorkers know about some of the fun summer opportunities this week. I'll do my regular breakdown of the outdoor movies within the next few days, but there's even more going on.

First off, this Sunday is Bastille Day, and that means a big street fair on 60th Street from 5th Ave to Lex. If you find yourself craving crepes and can-can dancing, it's the place to be. More info  

Next, as the picture above shows: FREE New York Philharmonic in Central Park. TWO chances to watch: Tuesday and Friday (though Friday has fireworks). If you're more of an outer boroughs type, you can also go to Prospect Park on Wednesday or Van Corlandt Park in the Bronx on Thursday. More info

Lastly, restaurant week starts Monday (and goes through July), so make your reservations now if you want to enjoy $24.07 lunches and $35 dinners at some of the city's nicest restaurants. Full list of restaurants  

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