Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CBS Fall Schedule

Entertainment Weekly posted CBS' fall schedule, and I'm going to have to break my "two shows worth checking out per network" pattern from the past couple days cause I don't see anything that looks like it's for me. While some are calling CBS "bold" for moving around its hit shows on the schedule, there's nothing bold about the typical parade of procedurals and conventional sitcoms that CBS is adding to the schedule. It has that reputation for a reason.

Here's what they've got:

Hawaii Five-O - Remake, but at least with a good cast

Criminal Minds 2 - In case the original wasn't bad enough

Defenders - Yet another legal show

Blue Bloods - Yet another cop show

Shit My Dad Says - Sounds like it's been given the broad CBS sitcom treatment

Mike and Molly - Another probably lame sitcom, but Chuck Lorre did make Big Bang Theory, so the only thing that might be worth checking out.

I'm still waiting for the next Lost.

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