Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Reactions

You can find the full list of nominees elsewhere online, but overall I'm pretty happy. Most of the picks from my Wish List last night (that weren't complete longshots) found their way on, even some less obvious ones like Matthew Fox (for I believe the first time!) and Chris Colfer.

Things I'm Happy About:
Lots of love for Lost, including Best Drama, Best Actor (Matthew Fox), Best Supporting Actor (Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson), and Best Guest Actress (Elizabeth Mitchell)
Lots of love for Modern Family, with Comedy, 3 Supporting Actors, and 2 Supporting Actresses
Lots of love for Glee, with Comedy and an actor in each of the four major acting categories, plus guest nods for Mike O'Malley, Neil Patrick Harris, and Kristin Chenowith
Entourage was shut out
Christina Hendricks AND Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men
Martin Short got in for Damages
John Lithgow, Gregory Itzin, and Ted Danson in guest actor. Quite a strong category.
The fact that NPH got 2 nominations.

Things I'm Not so Happy About:
While I'm happy about Damages' 5 acting nominations (including 2 in guest), it still should have gotten nods for Drama and for Campbell Scott. I realize its place in Drama was taken by True Blood, another show I watch and like, and which just had its breakout year, but Damages was better
I'm aware Better Off Ted and Party Down nominations were never going to happen, but Portia de Rossi still should have gotten one.
I've only seen a few episodes of each, but Joel McHale and Timothy Olyphant deserved nominations.
How is Nurse Jackie a comedy?
Jon Cryer.

Overall, a good selection of what was actually good this season, rewarding the new breakout hits (Glee, Modern Family, The Good Wife) while letting long-running shows past their prime take a breather (Entourage, Grey's Anatomy, to a lesser extent The Office). We just better not see a Mad Men/30 Rock threepeat come fall.

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