Friday, November 7, 2008

Bye Bye Dr. Hahn

For anyone who hasn't yet seen last night's Grey's Anatomy, don't worry, this isn't spoiling anything from the episode. Because nothing that happened last night would suggest that it was the last time we will see Dr. Erica Hahn on the show. But as Michael Ausiello wrote earlier this week, that is exactly what it was.

As for what did happen, Hahn found out about Izzie's involvement in the Denny Duquette affair (yes, that again) and wanted blood. Izzie helped her save the other guy's life, but that didn't stop Hahn from telling Callie she'll file a complaint about it. When Callie stood up for Izzie, the fight quickly turned from being about medicine to their relationship.

But can a first tiff for a new couple really be seen as a send-off? How will the writers explain her absence next week? Hit by a car on the way home? Went back to her old hospital in protest? There doesn't seem to be any way that doesn't feel like a silly, soap opera-ish turn.

And that's because her ousting wasn't a creative decision but a network one. ABC got uncomfortable with the Callie-Erica storyline and decided that Brooke Smith had to go, immediately, with no episode to explain Hahn's removal. I can't say Hahn was one of my favorite characters or that the relationship was handled especially well, but that still doesn't change how ridiculous it is for a network to so blatantly tamper with a popular show. Especially coming the same week that California passed Proposition 8, it all does put a dent in the progress shown by electing a black president.

A few thoughts on the rest of the episode: While following up on the patient that lost the heart to Denny makes sense, the way Denny keeps appearing on the show 3 seasons after his death still only shows how little Grey's has held up to its second and best season. It's hard not to seem like a show past its prime when it keeps looking back on the glory days. But otherwise it was a solid episode. Christina continued to get more screentime, which is a nice change from her mishandling since Burke's departure. The Chief voicing George's robotic patient provided some laughs. And Hunt's frustration with everyone certainly seemed legitimate. This season has shown a definite improvement over the last two, but we'll have to see how they handle the Hahn firing to be sure.

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marboro said...

i went back and watched this season... Christina should be narrating.