Thursday, February 26, 2009

State of the Blog

If any of you loyal readers have found it odd that I've dared go a few days without updating, there's a reason: after months and months of searching, I finally have a job! While that's great news for me, for you it does mean I have less time for blogging and less time for the entertainment I blog about.

This week in particular is a bit crazy, but I promise next week we will return to a somewhat more normal schedule. In the meantime, I will try in the next few days to share my opinions on the not-a-State of the Union (Campaign Obama is back! And I mean that in a good way!), the Top Chef finale (Hosea? Seriously? Who let that happen?), and of course this week's Lost, whenever I get around to watching it.

So keep checking back here, cause when I find a free moment, it's yours.

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