Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Best Morning Show You Didn't See

For a good third of How I Met Your Mother this week, I admit I had some difficulty paying attention. It's certainly not that the main plot wasn't good. After all, it brought us the Suitjama (a suit you can sleep in), the Nightshirt (a nightgown for men), and Marshall's Big Lebowski-style dream flight over the city. Oh, and Barney's porn fantasy to justify the Suitjama.

No, the reason for my distraction was Robin's thoroughly awesome morning show left on mute during Ted's argument with Lily. The gang chose a bad morning not to watch. Not only did Robin show off their picture (and cry), but she also assisted a chef who caught on fire, gave her coanchor CPR after he collapsed, and delivered her very pregnant guest's baby. Karen struck again, this time not by cheating on Ted but causing him to miss all the excitement.

Speaking of Karen, she's already gone after just 2 episodes, which seems a strange number for a guest star. Her douchiness, to stick with Marshall and Lily's description, was a good gag for one episode, but that alone wouldn't last longer. So when she and Ted stayed together after last week's episode, I figured there was something else there. But no, just the rather sudden departure. Strange, but better to leave now than overstay her welcome. Now I'm gonna suitjama up and head to bed.

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