Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fight Night: Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer

Tonight's the night. After over a week of attacking each other indirectly, Jim Cramer will sit down with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight.

To catch everyone up, TV Guide has a good blow-by-blow of how this feud went down, complete with video. But if you don't feel like clicking, here's where the feud began:

Rick Santelli clearly had no idea what his cancellation would begin. From there, it went to a New York Times piece picking up where Jon Stewart began, Jim Cramer's angry rebuttal, more attacks on The Daily Show, and more defenses from Jim Cramer on various morning shows. But tonight they will meet at last.

Now, the other night I had a discussion with my friend who disapproves of Jon Stewart's actions. He thinks Jon is taking Cramer's words out of context and is putting his personal message above his role as a comedian. But Jon proved years ago that his job is to point out hypocrisy, in politics sure, but even more so the media. Remember his war on Crossfire? He got the show canceled!

But I will admit that this whole media battle feels a bit like a stunt. Daily Show is no longer just commenting on the news, but actually now part of the news. And I'm sure that's not unintentional. Even someone as low-key as Jon Stewart is probably enjoying the publicity.

Still, where's the harm in the smartest show on TV getting some buzz from those who wouldn't otherwise watch it? And fabricated or not, the whole fight has been pretty damn entertaining. So however you feel about the whole battle, you'd still best watch what's sure to be a must-see half hour of TV.

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