Thursday, January 22, 2009

That's It, I'm Checking Out of Grey's Anatomy

It may have taken a three-episode weepfest to do the trick, but I am finally ready to pull the LVAD wire on Grey's Anatomy. The season started off with some promise, but the last three episodes made it clear that Grey's suffers from an inoperable tumor of suckiness. With no more likable characters, no storylines I care about, and an increasingly revolving cast, there's just nothing to keep me going anymore.

The breaking point came with the show's stupidest plot device ever: Ghost Denny. Still here after Izzie "broke up with him" last week, he spent the entire episode saying, "I'm here for you" over and over and over and over and over again. If Shonda Rhimes wants us to forget he was ever a likable character, congratulations! Mission accomplished! Yeah, we get it, Denny's only there because Izzie's sick. But am I supposed to take solace in knowing the rest of the season will be a long, drawn-out illness story for Izzie?

As far as the "very special patients," at least those stories are over with. Eric Stoltz's Death Row inmate was supposed to provoke "hard questions" about surgeons' powers of life and death. But it was all so heavy-handed and annoying that I just couldn't care. Sick Kid seemed to only succeed in turning Bailey from the one remaining good character to someone else entirely. Also, why were Meredith and Christina fighting again? Does anyone care enough to remember?

I know this has all been well covered already, but what's the point of having George make 30 second cameos in every episode? TR Knight deserves much better, and I hope he gets out of his contract ASAP. Right now, all he's doing is reminding us of a time when the show was watchable. Speaking of outgoing characters, Sadie has had nothing to do but look creepy in the background since cutting herself. Why did they even bring her on?

Right now, the only characters worth watching are Sloane and Little Grey. When the best storyline of the night involves a broken penis, it's time to move on. Grey's Anatomy, we had a good year or so. But after three seasons of going through the motions, it's time to end this relationship. Goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

I caught up on both Grey's and Gossip Girl. I wish I had your strength. So, so bad.