Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top Chef Bowl: Battle of the Crazies

Is it just me, or has this season of Top Chef had some of the best challenges? Case in point, a Super Bowl challenge pitting this season's chefs head-to-head with seven All Stars of seasons past. Or should I say Not-So-All-Stars. With such stand-outs as "I've never seen that girl before" (quickly eliminated Camille from season 3) and "I guess she looks sort of familiar" (season 2's Josie), this wasn't exactly the best of the best of the best, sir.

Even if the returning players weren't top of their class, they did make for some entertaining and close battles. Crazy Carla took on Crazy Andrew in the crazy-off...and won. You see the look in her eyes when she won those Super Bowl tickets? Andrew didn't stand a chance. Then there was the Battle of the Loudmouths in Fabio vs. Andrew's BFFF Spike. Maybe Fabio should have spent less time trash talking and more time cooking, cause I know he could take Spike in a rematch. Most confusing of all was Stefan's loss to Andrea, never remembered as a heavyweight. Poor Finnish Stefan didn't make a dish as Super Bowl friendly and suffered for it.

Despite the fumbles of the Euros, it was pretty boy Jeff who had to pack his knives after losing to Josie in the Miami ceviche battle (how are ceviches so popular if I've never had one in my life). As it was Stefan's first time at the bottom and Fabio's needed for his personality, the decision was probably not just about this week's performance. But Jeff was doomed for a glorious fuck-up of the week eventually, due to his insistence on preparing everything three ways (I'll let you make the joke for me).

Toby Young Annoyance Watch: He went the entire episode without making a single lame movie reference! Yay! His comments may not have added much, but at least they were relevant and made sense. Let's see how long...what's that? He calls someone Obiwan next week? I miss Gail.

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